Romeo & Juliet Of Modern Time

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, a tall dark handsome man with a French accent fell in love with a free-spirited natural beauty whose locks were captivating long curls shining brightly blonde.  They went together like peas and carrots.  Everything clicked for them.  He was immersed with her once his blue eyes laid upon her long musclular dark legs at the pool side on that hot summer day of July.  He moved to the area for a teaching job at a local school.

He was a teacher that loved teaching Romeo and Juliet to freshmen in High school.  He had a sincere passion to teach and to find a woman to love as long as she wanted to be loved and admired.  The girl he first fell in love with said yes years later when he got on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage!  He had her whole family there it was a complete surprise to her.  He had her favorite flowers laying on the ground at the park they always ran miles through.  She thought they were just going for a run but he told her that she had the raceway to his heart and that he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life.  They both wanted to start a family and have lots of babies!  They married on a special beach in California were they both had significant memories at but wanted there special chapter in there lives to be there.  He was a hopefully romantic and she was a never ending caring person with a heart as big as the ocean they stood by when they devoted them selfs to each other till death do you part.

They planned on having twins if the Lord blessed them with twins the first time they tried to get pregnant.  He wanted a champion backstroke star to compete at the Olympics; a boy that is.  She waited until their annual anniversary date to announce the goods news that she was pregnant with a boy and a girl! Like they prayed for!  She was just excited as he was about the news.  They couldn’t wait to be parents and start there new chapter in there lives.

Nine months later the natural beauty gave birth to the twins as loved ones filled the hospital room. Her dear sweet husband was right by her side comforting her.  They both took after the mom and the daddy.  Both had big blue eyes and light and dark curly hair.  They were as cute as could be just perfect little babies! The parents were so thrilled and blessed to finally have them in there arms.  Swaddled in blue and pink soft blankets with such deary love from there parents.

The Greecian beauty had life threatening complications with the birth and was having to stay at the hospital to be monitored.  The twin boy and girl were happy and had no health problems.  They each weighed 5 lbs and were long for twins.  They went home with their excited daddy and family members while the curly-headed beauty tried to heal and rest.  The doctors came back to her a few days later with such looks on there faces and say…..

Choose A:  You’re recovering with no complications and will be home to love on her twins soon.

Choose B:  You’re infection is spreading to your heart from the complications of the c-section and you will die within a month.

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